The Importance of Cardio in the Modern Era

The Importance of Cardio in the Modern Era

The heart is also a muscle, and arguably the most important one. Therefore, there should be no excuse not to condition it with the same intensity as your other muscles.

The importance of cardiovascular movements in your routine can’t be overstated, and is a key to the Alpha’s steady diet of stamina. In short, cardio provides a mood lift in terms of the fabled "runner's high", improves your resting metabolic rate and most certainly improves overall health, conditioning, energy exertion, focus and well being.

We'll discuss ways to meet your quota of cardiovascular activity, such as jogging, elliptical machines, cycling, stair climbing, hiking, engaging in sports, etc.


The great comedian George Carlin said it best. "Running isn't a sport because anyone can do it. Anything we can all do can't be a sport. I can run, you can run. My mother can run, you don't see her on the cover of Sports Illustrated, do you?"

Paradoxically, because anybody can do it, that makes it the most universal form of cardio and most accessible over the course of history.

Circa 333 BC: Spartan long distance runners train to kick your ass up and down the field, using antediluvian methods still viable today.

The treadmill is also among the most basic and prevalent of the cardio routines and anybody can do it, including a professional lughead like a Homer J. Simpson.


The elliptical machine is a lower-impact method that you can do for longer periods of time, and definitely does a better job of getting the entire body involved more. Some may say it's less boring than running or using a treadmill.

The Classic Bicycle:

Exercise bikes work the quads and hammies effectively and allow you to work out for longer intervals, but they don't include as much of an upper body workout.

The Stairmaster:

The Stairmaster is a bit more advanced and is among the toughest machine choices for cardio overall, providing a much higher intensity workout.

Higher intensity cardio works the heart harder, which burns much more calories and fat than lower intensity in a shorter amount of time. Lower intensity primarily burns calories from only fat stores, and takes longer. Beginners are recommended to start with lower intensity activities, working their way up to more difficult, higher intensity activities, depending on their fitness goals, and how much they are trying to bulk up or cut down.
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